Watch video testimonials from the 2016 event!

Testimonials from previous attendees:

"The World Executive Search Congress was the best conference that I have ever attended - ever - with content that included state-of-the art information we can use. The presentations were dynamic and insightful and the leaders were incredibly knowledgeable.  The structure of the conference allowed the audience to participate and ask thoughtful probing questions. While there was good attendance, I wish everyone in talent management, search consultants and talent acquisition leaders, could have been there.  On a 1 to 10, this was a 100!" - Janet Jones-Parker, Janet Jones-Parker & Associates (USA)

"Well done, I will be back!" - Richard Joly, Leaders & Co.  (Canada)

"The World Executive Search Congress was a superior learning opportunity for a small business like ourselves, pinpoint one human resources. I congratulate you on the organization of the event. Information sharing, updates, networking was world class. The fact that the audience was small to medium firms meant there was a free flow of sharing. It was the best value for money ever." - Clive Viveiros, pinpoint one human resources (South Africa)

"A good conference; well organized, illustrative, fine and first class attendees." - Oscar L. Nunez, Overall Strategy SAC (Peru)

"Loved the structure and organization of the schedule for the event. The length was also good." - Arianne Gasser, N2Growth (USA)

"Thanks so much for hosting. The conference was great with an impressive line-up of speakers. I really enjoyed the event." - Leslie Shaw, EFL Associates (USA)

"This event was fabulous. The speakers were very good - we learnt a lot about our industry, how we can improve our best practices. And even better, we could meet a lot of contacts very easily." - Alcira Somarriba, Alcira Conseil (France)

"Thank you for everything. Good value for money spent." - Ignacio Garrote, Phoenix Search (Mexico)

"The best thing about it is best practices and exchanging ideas. There were excellent presentations that were also quite interesting." - Dave Heilbron, Lens & Partners (Netherlands)

"This is for me a dream event. I met so many people and heard so many interesting speeches, I'm very happy to be here." - Kuang-Hua Lin, Asia-Pacific Management Consulting Ltd (China)

"Thank you for bringing us together." - Rose Spano Iannelli, Spano Pratt Executive Search (USA)

"The Congress is an excellent venue to have the chance to meet and talk with fellow colleagues of our industry. This is my first time here and I was very well impressed." - Guillermo Cepeda, Horton International (Mexico)

"The two things that made it outstanding were the speakers and the networking. I think I met a much higher percentage of this room than I would attending almost any other event." - Liz Ramos, Isaacson Miller (USA)

"It really helps me a lot in my future management and future work." - Lisa Zhang, Chengdu OPT Consultancy (China)

 "It's been a great event, it offers great opportunities to meet up with like-minded people who are running - like myself - small businesses, but also to tap into the experience of those people who come from the 'Big Five' as well." - Phil Prickett, Ipcom Associates (UK)

"I sometimes think after all these years that I have learned it all and seen it all, but this conference proves that there is so much more to learn, so many more friends to meet, more relationships to make." - Rick Sinay, Davalyn Corporation (USA)

"I must say that this is one of the most enjoyable events that we go to every year because of the openness of all the attendees. People are open to sharing their challenges or their successes and it's a wonderful place to network." - Sheila Greco, SGA Talent (USA)

"Excellent forum!" - Jo Fisher, Jo Fisher Executive Pvt Ltd (Australia)

"Very good 2-day program, excellent mix of attendees, good food!" - Michael Huffman, Huffman Associates LLC (USA)

"Really good practical day, good mix of speakers and thought-provoking presentations, really good mix of delegates and very well organized. I learned a lot. Excellent networking and well worth attending." - Carol O'Driscoll, Archer Search (UK)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the event! Thanks!" - Carla Matthee, The Executive Network (Netherlands)

"Really useful, great networking!" - Heidi Bannister, Arthur Edward Associates (UK)

"The event was very interesting and informative. I am anxious to try out the wonderful tips and techniques given to us. Thank you!" - Lorie Willms, Essence Recruitment (Canada)

"Excellent choice on hotel and conference center. The food was awesome and the waiting staff very helpful. Sometimes this also helps the conference experience. I love that you gave us time to network and a specific place to do this. Your staff was very friendly and helpful. Again all comes down to the client/customer experience!" - Keyla Cabret, Aflac Inc. (USA)

"Thanks to the staff for all that work. All staff members were great, personable and helpful." - Dan Nevez, Campbell & Company Inc. (USA)