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Welcome Remarks
Simon Mullins
Partner, ESIX: Executive Search Information Exchange
What Clients Say They Want - And What They Really Want
We often hear clients say ‘get me the best person for the job as quickly as you can’, yet in truth, speed is not as high a priority as we might think, or at least, not themost important criteria. With recent pressure on leadership diversity, on globalization alongside simultaneous localization, and an emphasis on growing talent from the inside, the speed of hiring is impacted and the definition of the ‘best candidate’ is changing. Plus, these changes are also having an impact on the best method of hiring that candidate. Drawing on the ESIX Annual Benchmark Survey, we will discuss what we hear clients are looking for, both in their hires as well as in their executive search partners, and touch on ideas to get the best out of our client/partner exchanges.

For this presentation and discussion, Simon Mullins will draw on his own experience at both global and boutique executive search firms and in-house with a Fortune 50 company, along with the 200+ meetings of ESIX: The Executive Search Information Exchange. ESIX is the only peer networking group dedicated to corporate executive recruiting and has been operating for 21 years, and is now facilitated by Simon. For over a dozen years, the group has studied this space through its Annual Benchmark Survey, which measures the functions and priorities of several of the most sophisticated corporate executive recruiting organizations in the world.
Elizabeth Wallace
Director of the EMEA Executive Search Team, 
Jon Terry
The Diversity Iceberg
Many research studies now clearly show that if organizations do not improve the gender diversity of their leadership and boards of directors, they are losing value for their shareholders. Diversity hiring is a stated priority for many businesses - and not just their HR departments: it is clear that hiring diverse leadership is no longer just ‘the right thing to do’, but it is now ‘the right thing to do for increased profitability’.

However, much of the focus is on gender diversity. As undisputedly worthy a focus as that is, it only touches the tip of the challenge: businesses need to be diverse to fully reflect their marketplace, attain the most value from their entire workforce, and to attract the best talent; and that means more than just gender diversity. Global financial services firm BlackRock is at the leading edge of delivering against this broader definition of diversity to add greater value to the business. Elizabeth Wallace, Director and Head of the EMEA Executive Search Team at BlackRock, herself a thought leader in this space, will share her experiences and help us understand how we broaden our focus to the rest of the diversity spectrum, why it is so important to our clients to do so, and how the right partnerships (both internal and external) can help make a huge impact.
Francesca Lahiguera
Independent Executive Search Consultant
"War Stories":
The Basics of Client Management
During this workshop, we will discuss common challenges in executive search and how to prevent them. Together, we’ll draw out and discuss how searches can go wrong. How can common issues be prevented? And how can we manage these challenges most effectively, with a goal of creating long-term client relationships? This workshop is ideal for consultants who are new to executive search or those who have recently been promoted into client-facing roles.
Nancy Garrison Jenn
Author and Consultant on Executive Search

Global Challenges For A Transforming Profession - It's Not One Size Fits All!
Nancy Garrison Jenn spends her time advising many global blue chip clients  such as Apple, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, Standard Chartered, Whitbread, the Dubai Sovereign Wealth Fund  and many private equity firms  such as Bain Capital – about the selection of search firms and best practice in partnering with them worldwide.

What is increasingly apparent is that while many of these firms are developing in-house capabilities, the role of the retained search firm is just as important as ever. Global firms and specialized boutiques both have a role to play… And now, evolving technology is rapidly transforming this relationship. Nancy will explain what search firms need to do to remain competitive and to truly add value.
Chris Fielding
Head of Corporate Finance,
WH Ireland Plc
Matthew Davis
Institutional Research Analyst,
WH Ireland Plc
How Search Firms Can Attract Investors
It's a common lament, public and private companies alike. In this session, we will look at some of the key financial and non-financial measures investors utilise to assess value. Finally, with those factors in mind, we will look at what executive search firms can do to attract capital investment.
Simon Stokes
Blake Morgan LLP
GDPR - What Does It Mean
For Executive Search?
The new General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced from May 2018.  In a recent survey, 96% of respondents - all associated with executive search - felt that the new rules would impact on how executive search is executed.  Wide ranging new rules will impact on what data is stored by search teams how and where it is stored and how it is used. Businesses that break the rules risk firm-destroying fines.
In this vital session on GDPR, we will talk about the new rules and the specific implications for Executive Search industry. We will start with GDPR in a nutshell and cover transparency, accountability and liability. We will also cover the impact of the new laws on companies outside of the EU.
Key takeaways:
• Five steps to GDPR compliance: plan; audit and assess; document; upgrade systems procedures and processes; train and monitor compliance
• Three crucial GDPR compliance questions for Executive Search firms:
- How do I ensure my search process is lawful?
• When do I need consent?
• How can I lawfully search social media sites? 
• How long can I retain candidate data? 
• What must I tell candidates?  What must my client tell candidates? What rights do candidates have to their data?
- How do I manage my security, maintain confidentiality and successfully deal with any personal data breaches?
- Which data processors should I work with and on what legal terms?
Lois Grimshaw
UK/EMEA Partnership Manager,
Dillistone Systems Ltd
Unlock the Mysteries of Internet Search
If you think searching on LinkedIn is the best way to find candidates on the internet, then this session will open your eyes! 
Brush up on basic Internet search skills from Boolean commands to X-ray searching websites, and advanced techniques such as finding CVs, email addresses, contact details, lists of people, how to source candidates from Facebook and Twitter, and much more!
Lois has trained hundreds of executive search professionals worldwide and is acknowledged as one of Europe’s leading trainers on Internet Research Techniques.
Alex James
Director of Product Development, Dillistone Systems Ltd
Helen Haddon
Founder and CEO, ComplyGDPR
Paul Mather
Data Protection Specialist, Dillistone Group Plc
Adam Rasmusson
Director, Global Technology, DHR International
Simon Stokes
Partner, Blake Morgan LLP
Celeste Whatley
Chief Executive Officer, TRANSEARCH International
With the rules explained, we now dive deeper.  Learn how the rules are being implemented direct - an open discussion and roundtable that will allow you to return to your office with an action plan based on the experience and advice of others in the industry.




Welcome Remarks
Mark Anderson
Executive Onboarding 
Success in new senior roles can never be taken for granted. 40% of new leaders fail within 18 months. This is due to some combination of fit, culture, performance and crucially preparation. A planned and thoughtful approach to on-boarding reduces this failure rate to as little as 5%. And it start well before the leader’s day one, and includes planning for the pre-start period and the detail of the first day, first week, first month and first three months. Successful on-boarding places considerable focus on stakeholder management, team communication and alignment around strategic objectives. And this successful approach applies not simply to new leaders with new teams but also where a current leader acquires a new team or merges two together.
Carol O'Driscoll
Archer Search Ltd
How to Get the Best out of Research
Whether you have an in-house team of researchers or use freelancers, how to you ensure you are using research as efficiently and effectively as possible. What are the challenges that you and your researchers face and how do you address them? Are the roles changing and if so what impact does this have on the search process? This session will include - teamwork, communication, reporting, ownership and accountability. Be prepared to come and share your own experiences - good and bad - the aim to provide solutions to ensure you have the most outstanding experience of using research.
Charlie Atkinson
Chief Executive,
Human Factors International
Broaden Your Talent Pool
Using Science to Identify Alternative Candidates
Charlie has spent 18 years helping to select and develop executive leaders for global clients such as Starbucks, Hilton Hotels and Capgemini. His company’s assessment systems are also used by a number of boutique and global executive search firms.

What role do assessment methods such as psychometric profiling play in your search processes? For many they are just another obstacle between you and your next placement. But used in the right way, these methods can help you to identify candidates who would otherwise be overlooked. In this hour long session, Charlie will walk you through the real predictors of executive performance (hint: industry experience plays little part) and the use of assessment techniques for matching non-traditional executive candidates with job roles and organizational fit. Using real world examples he will describe the pitfalls and the benefits for you and your clients.
Lois Grimshaw
UK/EMEA Partnership Manager,
Dillistone Systems Ltd
Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn
Useful tactics for getting the most out of LinkedIn that you can start to use right away: search tips, profile tweaks, connection strategies, posting advice and more.
Gary Williams
Questas Consulting Ltd
Becoming A Trusted Adviser 
A Trusted Advisor is defined as: a person or organisation who has the expertise to deliver what is needed in time, on budget and in keeping with how the client likes to work. Beyond this, they have a deep understanding of the client's business and the industry sectors they operate in. They are proactive with industry trends, and insights, keeping clients informed and helping them achieve their objectives, both personal and organisational.
During this session, Gary Williams will provide valuable insights into what it takes to become known as a Trusted Adviser. He will share the results of research (both first hand and third party) and create the environment for delegates to 'learn from the front' as well as to learn from each other through practical application of the theory.
Closing Remarks
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